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Best Video Editing Adobe Premier Pro CS6 Versus Sony Vegas Pro 13 (Windows Software)

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Best Video Editing Adobe Premier Pro CS6 Versus Sony Vegas Pro 13  (Windows Software)

I’ve been using Sony Vegas for a couple of years now and I find it very pretty good. It’s not a heavy program, I already know almost every shortcut to everything and it was worked quite well to me.

You might now think, why is he asking then? - Well, in the last couple of months I’ve asked all my friends who are in the film world on which program are they editing, and 80% of them tell me Adobe Premiere Pro. (The other 20 FC on Mac). So it really makes me doubt, is my editing software not good enough? Is premiere better? Or, It’s not that much about the editing software, but more about what do you shoot? If someone can give me a great convincing answer I’d be very grateful since I won’t be doubting if I should change to Adobe Premiere and learn everything from scratch again.

If you know how to edit, which you do, its just learning new button layouts and how much functionality there is. A rolling edit is a rolling edit=) Slipping and sliding clips is what it is. Jumping from one NLE to another really isn’t that big a deal anymore. Most have the same features more or less, with some interesting quibbles of how they handle files and what not. I haven’t touched Vegas in years.

There are 1 million and 1 tutorials on the web that show you everything you need to know. A few days with the trial should be enough to sell you or not. The Adobe CC suite with Dynamic Link is awesome.

I own both, but do most of my editing in Sony Vegas Pro because I prefer the user interface and it’s simplicity when doing basic editing work.

For more complex projects where I’m going to use a fair amount of Adobe After Effects I’ll do my editing in Premiere Pro. ( it’s easier to jump between Premier and After Effects)

I have never used Sony Vegas, but I love using Premiere Pro. I feel like you can do a lot more compared to some other editing softwares I have used.

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